by the time some open there eyes and see the damage thay have done its to late becuase it has already happpened to them

realising to late.

Today i felt the heart break and i sat

let it be, it made the tears fall from my

face and the reality sank in i want have

anymore and my life want be the same

everything else is going numb my love is

on the run it tried to get you back but all

it does is fail it's like my life is upside down

my meaning for life is gone.

It's true what they say the bitter taste of love

makes everything go dull and even blind's my

heart and i feel no more, the the pain want go

away it creeps in to my chest it burdens me like

water that feels your lung and takes your breath.

After all the pain i caused i never saw the pain i

kept my faith in love and never cared for those

i hurt those mement they are clear now because

i have been done that way but beofre this tragic

moment i thought i was immune to heart break

you walked in to my life and gave me everything

i saw nothing but your love and faith and kept

it for my self never returning what you gave

i was blind and now its to late your gone and

i now feel the pain that i gave to other's

and now i regret my life to all those who

i have hurt with never careing for there hearts

or even for there pain.

As i sit here thinking of you i remember everything

is this what heart is i wish i had never gave this

feeling to anyone but now its late to take it back

so as i close the chapter in my life the pain will

will stay the same till i can respect that which

is given in kindness and in passion all i want

is love back but i will will have to wait...till i atone

for all those thing i did to hurt those that gave me

all there love.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1142 times
Written on 2006-01-04 at 04:52

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John Ashleigh
A numbing heartbreak. A forceful snap with less intensity the feelings.

Regards, John.

You have laid it on the line here my friend with great depth of feeling I hope it all works out well for you Amon :-)