everyone has those times when everything is upside down for

them and it seem's no one can see it. and its frustrating but

maybe this poem will help those poeple understand better what

most go through. sure htis might not make much since but t

why be so confused?

every time I turn around something's always' changing

no matter what it is

I try nothing seems to stay my life is turned upside

down as the day goes onsure it seem's like a normal

day but it's just the opposite for me the smile's

the laugh's the way you smile it all just make me sad.

I don't know whatelse to say but have a really nice day.

you may think me odd for that butI don't see the same

thing you do. it makes perfect since to me though

everything is upside down for me. just when you thin

k it's almost over it begin's again for me it's a never

ending looping circle that begin's and end's with me.

all my friend's say I just silly for feeling like I do but

they should to be upsidedown then they would the way

I do and maybe they would understand whyI seem odd

when everything look alright from there point of view.

these word'sI say may seem like rambling of someone

who has nothing to say but in factas I sit here writing

all my words for you read I think of how this life would be

if everything was right side up for a change.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1065 times
Written on 2005-12-30 at 04:31

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Anshul Sharma
really... u said the truth in ur description!