in life everyone think's at a point that no really care's
the poem portray's that in a way that seem's harsh
but in reality people don't believe you when you want
to help them. i hope this will change there mind if they can see
what my poem is sa

dark intention's

i just want to say

upfront that i in no way have these

feeling's towards anyone or anything

it is just a poem. thank you

you say that life is

a living hell and that

you wish that somone

would shoot you well

my friend i dont know

you or even hate you

but i will be there for you.

my dark intention's are

pure i just want this life

you hate to be left behind

so you can be happy

you step to the ledge of

you're last days on earth

beucase love has turned it's

back on you .a singal tear

fall's from you're cheek as

you spread you're arm's to

fly. you take a second thought

and arn't sure that this the final

answear.let me push you from

that ledge before love deceves


my dark intention's are pure

i think that love has done you

wrong and that after i help

you take that final step

love want hurt you anymore.

there's somone lying on there

bed of death wanting to hang on

because they want to make a

mend's.they struggle for that

last breath to say there sorry

but i take a pillow and end

there life beofre they can.

my dark intentions they are

pure.i hate to see them try to

say things that are to late to

take back it just makes the pain

of you dieing that much worse as

they stand there listning to you

and no one want's that.

all these thing's that i

do are dark i know

but with all the pain

and suffring that this world

and people give i think

my dark intentions

are right and when it's said

and done i will be thanked

in the end.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1036 times
Written on 2005-10-03 at 14:49

Tags Cold 

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I agree with angela's comments but when you say its just a poem don't you think there's a little bit of ourselves in every thing we write, just a thought.