You are my bestfriend

I said
Sorry for what

She said
Sorry for everything
That I have done
Through all my life
Didn't know, sometimes may be
I was breaking your heart

I said
It's ok
It's alright
First of all you are my friend
Don't remind me the past
I already forgot

She said
You took it like a cup of tea
And you forgived me
But I can't forgive myself
I have to say I'm sorry
Sorry for everything

I said once again
Sorry for what
You realised your mistakes
Before someone reminded you
You erased your footsteps
Before someone walk on it
Do you know something
In each hand I have five fingers
All of them don't look alike
All of them are not the same size
And everyone can make mistakes
You don't need to be so upset
Because by those words
You proved yourself
Being not only my friend
You are my bestfriend

Poetry by Zainab
Read 729 times
Written on 2006-10-29 at 14:09

Tags Friend 

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Zoya Zaidi
Hey Zainee,
This is such a warm and large hearted poem...
I like your forgiving heart!
May God bless you!

I really like the way you wrote this as a conversation with added narrations.
I am glad it came good for you and your friend :o)

Liam x