people need friends or they will take the lower road
and never look back for a smile. that why everyday
is important just to say hey to someone even if you
dont know them.

Everything Around

Everything around you come's crashing down
around you.You can try and run if you want
to but that want help at all it just makes it harder
when you finaly see you need help.

Everything around you is getting dark it all
seem's so hopeless and you start to cry,it's
like a rainy day that want go away there is
no silver lineing for you today it just fade's

Everything is done there no hope for you
at all....but wait i see the sunshine comming
through and someone will be there for you
all you have to do is ask.I may sound crazy
for what i say but life is to short to have a
bad day so let me in my friend i will show
what life is all about....and then you'll smile

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 991 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 19:56

Tags Hope 

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This is good I like it, the picture you painted is very vivid, I hope to read more from you. Thank you for sharing with us. :-)