This is my ultimate love poem, it will changed constantly. I want it to be forever better. New Changes Courtesy of lastromantichero

The Ultimate Love Poem ~Edit~

What makes love great is not what it brings
But the feeling that's heard like the playing of strings
A hypnotic feeling like put in a trance
Springs gentle gaze and the lively breeze
Looking on at its carnal dance
Non toxic smells put you at ease

When the day is complete and all is at bay
Only you defy what cannot be
And the sun makes it final bow
The time has come to finally be free
Time never told me what magic concealed
Beneath the infinite love that you willingly revealed

Moon by the water; such a beautiful sight
Two entwined roses by sparkling light
All problems are lost in one single word
Not a cry is sounded; not a noise is heard
Majestic mountains surround silent plains
While peace and majesty still only remain

You came to me in your darkest hour
Under leadened sky and heavy shower
Skies reflect your constant pain
I promised your anguish would not be in vain
Time would rectify the thick clouded sky
Love had made you my new ally

Take my hand and hop on a plane
Or if you like we can take the train
To paradise and wonder beyond your eyes
What lies ahead is one of surprise
Mountains by day and oceans by night
With the moon shining down, we would be alright

Back in the past, love was an ocean
Ebbing of tides wasn't really needed
Until the feelings sparked an emotion
It prevented me from being so conceded
And I had notion I would find you
Amongst the choices that blocked my view

Now was my chance to find so rare
A beautiful woman with luscious hair
It took me awhile to find her smile
For the first few weeks it was our trial
In turn we shared and the both of us cared
As for tomorrow we were both prepared
To endure life's hidden strife

The future held promise and treasures to find
Each step forward we couldn't rewind
Only embrace each step ahead
And focus on the positive instead
Ideas of glamour and lavishness stirred
Inside of our head without a single word

Sunbeams rays touch down on my bed
As smells of coffee surged into my head
The thoughts of you and my love merged
Euphoric union that cannot be beat
Just being with you ever complete

Bells rang out on our special day
Good luck and fortune would come our way
We walked down the isle in hand and smile
Said our vows old fashion style
Exchanged rings with the crowd in view
And repeated the phrase: I Love You

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1812 times
Written on 2006-11-04 at 16:56

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So beautiful love it, so so oh words can not discribe it! lol it's so great!! Bravo Bravo my friend!

Kathy Lockhart
This is precious Aaron. I love the epicness of it. To follow the love as it grew to a matrimonial union was very sweet and uplifting.

as beautiful a poem as that was aaron, it made me sad. it made realize just how much i want that... the poem was excellent, good job.

Simply amazing! It never loses intensity or loses the attnetion of the reader. And the eloquence is unparrelled. It is such and inspiring and heartfelt poem! EXCELLENT WRITE!!!! =D

Neil Chalcraft
i really really like it, great lyrically, pure genious!

i love this, words can not describe. well done and keep up the good work.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey man it looks great but it was really mu honour to help in just a small way
mind you if you win her hand
i wanna kiss on the cheek
no not from you her
just teasing
love is great
dont let any one tell you different
requited or not and i expect an invite to the wedding