Disappear ~Response to A.N's Haunted Eyes Poem~

Time has since made you concealed
Under false barriers; never revealed
Like waiting for a call that never comes
Time passes and never yields

Vanished in the dead of night
I look for you as vultures take flight
Denying a reality long since accepted
My dreams now shattered on the eve of tonight

As the sun rises and moon departs
Vestige memories combine at my heart
Never forget the love that's hidden
You always will be a piece of art

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 694 times
Written on 2006-11-06 at 04:14

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david gerardino
You always will be a piece of art,makes the poem,,,,,10

Very heartfelt.... I can feel the pain when reading this poem.... excellent!!


its funny how a lot of love poems are about being hurt. all of mine are. i liked this poem, good job.

Thank you for the comment! I can't say that i know much about poetry, but i think yours is very good! I guess indirectly, you got me on poetbay, because i saw it while i was on xuxa's myspace! well, thank you (indirectly ^^;)