co-write with my very close friend saga
everyone should have someone they can trust and depend on
he has become one such friend


Your body shivers,
Your fear shows,
But you are not alone,
All you have to do is say the word,
And I will be there,
When you hurt, I hurt, too,
And I must do anything,
To make the wrong things right,

You are the friend I can always count on
You never leave me in despair
My inner heart beats quieter
When your voice I hear so near
Be it a gentle whisper
Or a sweet sounding melody
It is the magic of your caring
And a heart I find so dear
Precious discovery when I found you
Such devotion who could find
This balm of sweet solution
Pours richly over my mind

There are times when we can't be alone,
To figure things out,
I found a gem in you that must be shown,
To the entire world,
Never to be faltered,
Never to be broken,
Something to cherish,
Something to behold,
Among your voice,
Among your soothing voice,
Shedding away the pain,
Let me take some of that away if I can,
In all of my care,
And all of my humility,

I close my eyes and let you do
What you have a way of doing best
Standing strong, understanding my pain
Giving assurance, shelter from this rain
Forever engaging me
Unconditional support you give so freely
What more could I ask for
I have found it all in you completely

I can't give plenty,
But what I can give is understanding,
A long distance smile and hug,
And an existence of who I am,
And what you search for me to be,
A devoted friend through troubled times,
A gentle smile through the good,
Assurance through self-doubt,
And a place to shelter your fears,
As long as you can share,
So can I, so can I,
That's all I will ask of you,

Fragile pieces, held together
Friendship finds two hands in clasp
Wandering mountains or deepest valley
Forging forward, forgetting pasts

Bound in closeness, forever knowing
In winter's darkness, or summer's light
We can depend on this one thing
Knowing we have each other makes it all right

Poetry by BlueyedSoul
Read 834 times
Written on 2006-11-09 at 06:43

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dott Print text Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
the words of a very deep friendship... very warm and caring, you can truly feel the love and appreciation come through this... having a friendship like that in life is precious... this is beautifully written by you two... :) *hug* xx

munir mezyed
keep on writing these sensual poem till u make the world intoxicated with love and drown in a sea of nectar...U are amazing and ur poems too

david gerardino
There are times when we can't be alone,i know this to be so ,so true...10

oh i can't give this poem any comment coz it has shock me
this poem from the best poems i have read

a beautiful poem,warm and soothing write,what friends are all about,in times we all need friends to guide us....
lovely read:))))

Amanda K
you reminded me of friends i had and others i have. you made me feel how great to have a true friend among the crowd. touched me to the core.bravo.

Like allways you write so wunderful
you have a way with words,that just captures ones inside

Kathy Lockhart
This is a beautiful duet Blue as I told Brian. It is an uplifting, loving, caring poem of kindness. By the way, you are glowing. : )

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
this is a beautifu lpoem you have both constructed and written i congratulate you
you write so well together

Mukul Dahal
Oooh! It's a good go, it's a good read. Bravo.

My dear!!!!This is so beautiful if only one can take the moment to step back, drop the defences that have hardened life and just marvel at the beauty of such a friendship.......I simply love it...thanks for sharing it:)

I can't express how much of a pleasure it is to work with you on these projects sweetie. Always!!!!