things chane people walk away and never really say good bye
and when they think of those friends or loved ones it sort of makes them sad or have regrets about things that might have been but all they can doo is shed tear and hope one day that those filli

Turning Around

Everytime i turn around i see rain drop's

comming down ,like a cold november morning

when everything is still. I can hear the wind just

as I walk past that old house that has been

empty for as long as i can remember.

Everything has it's moment like a fadeing star

just when you think you have made it just slip's

away from you no matter how much you scream

it fade's away. A tear is falling from someone's

face tonight a heart was broken or never mended

and now they stain the pillow that they hold so

tight wishing everything would go away and

come back again when the sky's arn't grey.

The time's and thing's that make every moment

they seem to go to fast and even take a tear or

two. So as go to the corner and say my last good

bye's just know that what ever it is it will go away

someday and then you will realise that everything

you see will change when you turn around.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 942 times
Written on 2005-10-11 at 10:46

Tags Sadness 

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This is very sad my friend and contains a great deal of truth well done.