when is enough, enough when it comes to love and they dont play by the rules no one can say realy but maybe when it they do find out this will be the way to do it.....maybe

Never Look Back

The time is has come to say

good bye to the sun no more

smiles or even a hug good bye

everything is just moving to fast

and the pain to say good bye

is just to much, even if i turned

around and saw you the numbness

would still be there. The thought of

you really dosn't hurt my heart as bad

as i thought it would , do'es this mean

that all we did and we shared was just a lie

you may call me cold or even a crule heartless

person but the way i see it my heart is fine

and it's not that crule at all my life of misunder-

standing you is over with. As i walk down the steps

a tear from me do'es drop it isnt from the pain of leaving

but the joy of freedom from this game you played you

see me leave and try to say those empty words that

meant so much to you not me they fall on def ears this

day and never will i look back again this time i am gone

for good. I am almost at the front gate and i hear the things

break and i wonder if you really had love at all becuase i

tried so hard to stay i relly did but i guess in the end it was the

way you smiled so hesantly when i said i love you from my

heart . Good bye forever and a day maybe one day life will be

for you and not the way you think it should be with all the

smiles that said one thing when you said another life for me

is going to get better from now on beucase my heart is free.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 989 times
Written on 2005-10-12 at 11:14

Tags Hope 

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Very heartfelt and emotional..a great poem.

In love there are'nt to many rules, but the ones that do get broken are guaranteed to be the most painful,but the way forward is to move on,this piece is emotional and painful well done (try using spell check it helps)