Note to you

My heartaches from the sadness I hold inside
I don't want to cry but the tears flow like the tide
I miss you so much
Your wonderful laugh and your warm touch
The times we shared and all the fun we had
I am so sorry I made you mad

You've moved on and look as happy as can be
You've probably forgotten all about me
The pain and sadness is getting worse, so I'll just end this note
What's the use, you'll never read what I wrote.

Poetry by SomThinWikid
Read 968 times
Written on 2005-10-14 at 00:31

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Sadness and pain..yet beauty. Good poem

hey B, when your not happy, i'm not happy...on the other hand, good write

Being left behind is painful, hate the feeling to tell you the truth! Sometimes things just happen, but there's always a reason! Like the poem, very sad, but true!

I think most of us can relate to this at one time or another and it will never make the pain any less real , but life can and must move on, such feeling in this.