to have love so true that nothing can make it stop

another night for romance

For what right is there no other way than

to love thee with mine heartso full of lust

and passion for thee no other can replace

thy heart that I have done taken to be mine.

For thy beauty is as such that no teven the angel's

above nor the water's below will ever separate us

from the destiny that is ours to claimed . To have thy

arms embrace in suchsweet desire and want make

mine heart flame with contempt that I had never been

with thee before till now and as the moon over head lights

our way to the depths of knowing the true nature of love

as we begin to realize what real love is nothing compares

to your eye's nor your bod ywhich god has perfected for

such a night as this.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1008 times
Written on 2005-10-14 at 06:06

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John Ashleigh
A true beauty is often rare in poetry, but no matter the mistakes in grammar or your intranquility, you have still shown a powerful 'true beauty' in your poem.

Brilliant. !!

Zoya Zaidi
Yah! I got it:
Shakespeare's Sonnet no.25
AnD the last two lines are:
"Then happy I,that love and am beloved
Where I may not remove, nor be removed."

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
a nice message here but the poem has a fair few spelling mistakes and typing words together or apart etc. plus, and this is just a personal view, the thy etc we do not speak like that in everyday language anymore, ok in poetry it is used by the poets of old, but they spoke that way too, these days we do not. i think it would be better if you used modern language as you are a modern man.

Zoya Zaidi
"Love is a many splendered thing"! Blessed are the ones who have loved; who have been loved! As Shakespeare's sonnet( I think 61st) goes:"let those who are in favour of their stars of public honour and proud titles boast..."
And it ends with: "Happy am I to love and be loved/ Where I can neither remove or be removed." (I hope I got it right?-quoting from memory). THAT PIECE ABOUT LOVE IS LOVELY!!!

This in its own right is quite a beautiful piece, don't add or take anything away from it, but if you juggle it about a bit I think it would be even better (just a thought ).