my tale of tear ..............

I was young six and my brother elder 10

In the daily chorus mummy nagged ," Kavita leave for your school already minutes left are few"
I reached the door and heard again..."Raj beta if you've finished with yourself let me drop you by Zen"
I was young but still my heart flung
For why it So
......You are a girl and with punctuality u need to flow.

I turned 7 and ofcourse my brother 11

Once trumbling down the floor in haste,
I broke a vase; a frump ,fusty, favourite one.
I was slated and afflictions for it I was dismayed not to have so much fun.
It was paining , the vase glass had struck my keen kalf.
Surely my carelessness had edged my embarrassment half
....but then my brother met with a bike accident at the same age
and the bike was just a garage garbage....,
so much of love, so much of care;
Chicken soup to him and healthy ware
This excruciating pain (PARTIALITY) I couldn't bear.
I was young but still my heart flung
For why is it So,
.............You are a girl and careful you need to flow .

11 was I, and my brother an SSC guy
who passed with distinction
and got a lovely hug and that lucky five.
I got now here is where I lack.
I have to work, work for a higher tag.
To that level when I could come,
I as a merittian astonished for so much with no succumb.
OH! These butterflies in my stomach .
Maa would be really happy
Wheres my hug and wheres my kisses .
I know she'll come soon with sweets and loads of wishes

.......ALAS no love ,not even a hug
My thoughts were simply fug.
I was young but still my heart flung
For why is it So
....You are a girl and contentful you need to flow.

Crossed the teenage and I was into a relation .
I was fearful to all how will this I disclose.
Yaa I was slapped and nothing spoke except for the crystals down the eyes it penetratingly droll.

Soon a beautiful girl brought my brother
and her unmarried pregnancy together.
But shocked was I for this furious decision not a single mutter.
I was a little young but still my heart a little flung
For why is it So are a girl and sacrificing you need to flow.

Now I work for my family
as my brother has probably left for gambling.
Even now words in my brothers favour to hear
This is an injustice,oh dear.
This time it was more than the most vacance(y)
My heart had saturated and I lost my patience.

Punctual, content, sacrificing what do u mean by these to flow,
It's an excuse only mere
I want an answer, sheer
I am no more feeble any more young
Now my heart don't flung
What's wrong with you people are you all dumb
I want justice I want those hugs and all those cares
That tickling mischief and the surprises of those eve
And the way you laughed even in grieve
I had no life, nothing to miss coz nothing was mine and nothing of us.
I can't get it back, I know.
I know is what
Though the tears haven't dried this lethal society is covetously alive.

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 890 times
Written on 2006-12-15 at 10:08

Tags Sad  Partiality 

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very nice poem i respect it