Thank yas for being here 4 me

To My Friends/sisters Ariel Mitzi and Shelbie

Ariel You And Mitzi Was One Of The First Friend That Was Like A Ture Friend Ta Me.
And Yas Know I Will Be There 4 Yas No Matter What I Will Talk To U Even If Yas R Pissed At Me So Dont Forget That Okay.
Cuz I Will always Hav Yo Backs.
You Know Even Tho I Am The Oldest Sis Here I Still Act Like A Kid Wit Mitzi.
And Ariel I Will Always Cry, Laugh And Be Mad Wit U No Matta How Bad It Is.

Shelbie I Am Glad I Met You Cuz We R Alike In So Many Ways.
You Are The Crazy One Tho Lol j/k But U R Crazy And I Love It!!
I Will Not Only Have There Backs I Will Hav Yos Too So Dont Worrie.
You Are Like One Of My Very Own Sisters And If We Get In Ta A fight I Will Luv U Like The Sis I Never Had.

This Aint Only Fo One Sister This Is Fo All Of Them No Matta How Bad I Mess Up Wit Them I Will All Ways Be There Fo Them.

This Is Comming 4om The Bottem Of My Heart Fo Really!!
Much Love Ta Yas 4om ~!*BrookeMichelle*!~

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 412 times
Written on 2006-12-19 at 05:42

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sweet write makes me wanna give my big sista a hug!!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
That's the spirit of what Poetbay is about -
looking out for each other.

This is a moving, heartfelt poem.



Brooke Michelle
sorry ppl itz One not obe