The continuation........


(I said I'll take a break and have a kit kate first , there faces were a bit upset and then I decided to continue)

It was the longest conversation I had
With a man who was half past dead
I knew nothing about his past
Helping him it was what,
My job demanded most.

Hands covered with blood
A pistol shot on his head
He was half past dead,
Peacefully lying on his bed
He could do nothing
Only could speak
And shake both his legs
Yelling with bloody pain

Though he looked a strong person indeed
I'm dying; oh I'm dying young lady he said
And I don't need a doctor
I was a very bad evil creature
And I also know you here to help me
But please don't do
Even if I was your real brother
My heart had no mercy
My occupation demanded no salary
My happiness was others blood
I couldn't stand others happiness
I believed in no God
Through all my life
I followed none religion
Fighting was my main aim
Crimes for me were just like children's games
My family comes from the same background
I was the youngest child of mafia's gang
So hey you lady doctor let me die tonight
I have got lot of deeds in my foggy pocket
Some how like thousands unsaid
Don't be pale; there is nothing to feel so sad
Don't cry, don't feel sorry for me
I repeat don't feel piety at me
It's very hard to say I know
But I deserve more than this
And this is how my life
Shall end like this
Shall end full of pain
The similar pain
I caused to all those people
During my life time

I couldn't look on his face
I kept on crying,
Without realizing he was half past dead
And might be dead

I closed his eyes
I covered him with his own clothes
Cigarette which felled from his mouth
Slowly burning the hut
I saw his shadow telling me come out
The hut is burning because of my cigarette
I don't want to be the cause
I should be thankful you tried to save my life
On return I do the same
May be God can forgive me even a little
For what I have done
Through all my life

I then came out
As first as I could
I ran as first as can't be told
I saw the bus; I couldn't believe was that a bus
In front of my eyes
I waved my hand the bus stopped
I got in and felt I was completely safe
I remembered the whole day incident
I would have been HALF PAST DEAD!

(My friends were like yeah zena a bit sad story but you can't fool us and I replied d: but I already did because you kept your ears open till the end)!

I was late friends you know because I'm lazy I was sleeping in the bus I woke up 12:30am I realized I was on a wrong place and secondly I took a taxi but there was a miserable traffic jam.

(My friends said: Oh! zena you really fooled us this time)
I kept smiling to them d:^^


By Zainab copyright 19 Dec 2006

Short story by Zainab
Read 929 times
Written on 2006-12-19 at 10:55

Tags Life 

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This is astonishing... great story a bit weird but still great. Writing is really your "thing" just what Tai said... in my eyes he is saved as well... keep writing

Thanks once again
For taking sometime in my story
I'm glad you got what I was trying to say


Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
well done daughter. i love the storyline. it is eerie and yet teaches a moral as well.

I must read the first half of this young lady, it is a gripping story poem. Life has a way of evening the score and your man sounded like he wanted that the most in his final breaths, so he is saved in my eyes. If this is from personal experience, you are an angel too. Smiling at you, Tai

I read the first part and then the second - powerful images - the discriptions are thought provoking... Well done - nice write