Morning & Afternoon
It's the same
Evening & Night
Crimes are like games

There is no safe time
Like it used to be
Everywhere there are crimes
I prefer dying not to see

We girls are more scared
Wildy these days
Getting raped and getting killed
How to minimize this

We used to blame those
Who make us work till late nights
Now we will blame who
Crimes are all the times

Crimes can happen to anyone
To a child or a mad person too
To a boy or a old woman
Evil people are more and good ones are few

There is no more discipline
Mercy died long time ago
Every second crimes happen
Police can do nothing just let go

We are scared than more
We used to be
We can't live the life like before
The world has changed completely

By Zainabę 19 December 2006

Poetry by Zainab
Read 859 times
Written on 2006-12-19 at 11:28

Tags Crime 

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Amanda K
the sense of unsecurity is covering up the world. i liked your theme . you did show trully how world happens to be.

keep it up,

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
I am deeply touched by this poem daughter. I pray for your safety. It does seem at times like the bad guys are winning. But, i know good will overcome. Its just getting through these nightmares until we see the light of day again.

Sadly, this is just have to turn on the tv for that. Sometimes I think my hope for humanity is lost, but then I see a simple gesture of kindness, someone walking an elderly lady across the street, someone taking in a stray animal. There is still hope left..but we must always be alert because of the many dangers..this is an excellent poem describing just that!!

Crimes Crimes everywhere
We have no place to hide
God protect us
From these evil people
Which made us difficult to live
We can't live with happy face
All the time fear fear!