tree's are very much like how life is when it comes to
just going with the wind of change and not letting it blow
you down by letting your self sucumb to its harshness
theres more our there than just a sad face and troubled

A New Way Of Thinking

When the tree's have gotten old

and the wind can make them bend

everything seem's faded. there are

great dream's that alway's seem to

never go away and a place that never

get's to old and your freind's are always

thereand nothing is ever wrong. It is time's

like that when life is good even when

it's just a flickering moment in our live's

that will be charished more than life it's


There is a new tree in the yard and maybe

there's a chance but it wil take alot of hopping

to make that young tree grow, just lke when

you're young you have a chance for new idea's

sure you think the worls is full of hate because

that's all you know but after a few more season's

change you will see there's more than fate has

chosen for you.

All these thing's i tell you friend are the fact's of life

and just like that tree in you're will be

there with more suprises just dont let the bad

one's make you frown. be like that tree and just go

with the wind and every thing will be just fine.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 919 times
Written on 2005-10-18 at 22:49

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John Ashleigh
Nice images you're trying to portray, but try and send them more with clarity?

I mean structure your poem so they are in stanzas of events, not like a manuscript. Words are good, but helps when trying to find that perfect word.

Good effort, a 4!

Zoya Zaidi
Yes trees are a sign of fortitude! They teach us a lot!