through this poem of mine i wanna tell all my fellow friends , a fact i believe in
that, life is too short for hatered , and love is the only drug that keeps you living.

)): || a late love story || :((



have i gone blind, or is it really dark.

have i gone deaf, or is it really quite.

have i lost my senses, or is there nothing to feel.

am i breathing ? am i dead ?.

is this a coffin ? or my bed ?

5 hours ago.............

* sitting by the window, i gaze at the road.
* i see people travel, i see them carry load.
* i stare at the path, the tar clad land.
* where we used to walk, hand in hand.
* my eyes glued to the gate,
* of our college.
* where i first ever saw you ,
* and never had a knowladge.
* that you'll be the one,
* who'll add meaning to my life.
* whom, before giving a thought,
* i'll announce my wife.
* 15 min. later................
* i move to the kitchen,
* to prepare some food.
* i try to recall the recipie,
* i had understood.
* i take a bread and put some cream,
* i wash my face but its no draem.
* i search you out, i search you in,
* i check the lobby, and even the bin.
* you aren't anywhere,
* you left me lone.
* you left back your pager,
* switched off your phone.
* and all this just 'coz i hurt you dear ?
* i have gone mad without you,
* i am even hugging the bin,
* please forgive me, please pardon my sin.
* i swear to god,
* i wont repeat it again
* i wont yeild even an iota of pain.
* i pick up the phone and dial your number.
* but unfortunately get to hear the plumber.
* i got it wrong, i try again.
* its still switched off, everything's in vain.
* two hours have passed you have left me lone,
* and damn't i ain't even gettin' your phone.
* please go tring tring,
* tring tring i plead,
* you go tring tring or watch me bleed
* tring tring it goes, i recieve the phone.
* with haste and fear, i say hello.
* i hear a sound sweet and mellow.
* " please come to me dear or i'll die"
* you silently say "donot cry"
* i wipe my tears and just say " i "
* you interrupt me, and say.....
* " before you dear i'll die,
* i am waiting for you dear,
* near the college gate,
* i got movie tickets for us,
* dont make it late.
* movie is of 6' and its already 4',
* come on sweety just latch the door "
* with joy i jump, get on my shoes.
* you smile at me and watch my moves.
* satnding on the other side of the road,
* i greet you " hi !!! "
* i raise my hand to give you five,
* unknown about future,
* unknown about fate,
* i cross the road,
* unknown about a vehicle heading straight.
* it hits me fatal, i'm thrown in air.
* you watch this scene,
* you throw your glair
* you burst out all 'coz of despair.
* lying down i smile at you,
* i close my eye,
* you sit by my side,
* and watch me die.


but i still love you,
for everything you did,
you made my life happy and splendid.

with love,


Poetry by zeeshan
Read 1161 times
Written on 2006-12-30 at 10:37

Tags Fate  Truth  Sad 

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Priya What a poem.......i have no words to describe more about it. but amazing. truely amazing.....soul stirring poem. great.

Amanda K
what a story !!1 i wish it didn't end. you are a great poet with narrativr skills. i really enjoyed your sense of humor and's bookmarked. i wanna refer to a mistake i guess no offence,"have i gone deaf, or is it really quite" it's supposed to be quiet i guess.

all the best on 2007,

Kathy Lockhart
what a sad story Zee. you captured me in the narrative and led me through the day. I was watching the movie play in my head. Recently, i watched a movie called 11:14 and the scene you describe in the end reminded me of it as well as the time sequence. Nicely constructed. : ) mom