sometimes when you feel you are , you actually are not.
i ain't anymore lone................. i felt i was

*~._||love you mom||_.~* (for kathy lockhart)

when i was lone,
when i was hurt,
when i was torn,
when they named me dirt.

when no one looked at me,
nor did they smile.
when no one cared for me,
nor did they rile.

when everyone tried to use me,
when everyone tried to abuse me.

when tears burnt my cheeks,
when i starved for weeks.

when i starved for love,
and for all the good.
when i starved for care,
and for my childhood.

................ i still remember the day,
i sat late surfing the bay.
drenched in tears,
slipping down the valley of pain,
hearing echoes of the dark,
calling out me insane.

i saw an angel seen-unseen,
known by the name
an angel indeed ! ,
a wax made candle.
her beauty my god ! ,
too much to handle.

so adorable was her smile,
that spread along a mile.

yes ZEESHAN you guessed it right.
this is what is called love at first sight.
there is a bond you both share with each other,
you are her son and she's your adorable mother.

love you mom.

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 959 times
Written on 2007-01-02 at 21:02

Tags Mother  Love 

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betsy Firefly
A swell tribute to your mom!

beautiful poem. the bond is really sweet.

Aww-what a sweet and heartfelt tribute to a lovely lady! Bravo!

Kathy Lockhart
ah this is so precious Zee. Thank You. It is such a delight to come on here and find this sweet poem for me. I am all smiles for sure. : ) ((hugs)) to you!!