everyone has this time in thre life when they dont know what to do but walking away before its get out of hand

from rainbows to sadness to hatred

Right now my heart is breaking

because of the silence you give

me and those eye's that just

look right through me and right

out that door.Is it something

else that i do not see beucase i don't

see where we went wrong and everything

in my mind just say's it's nothing and i belive

my own little lie's becuase i want you to be

with me no matter the cost of my heart

or you'ers becuase i love you or is just

infatuation im not sure anymore but it feels

like love and thats fine to me though its not enough

for us. why do I feel this anger when I am away from you

it just eat's away at me and i dont know why it's

almost like when you just sit and stare into nothingness

it just makes me mad, and now i am really getting mad

why is this just comming to me now after just saying i love

you can it be my true self awakeing, and all I feel is pain

from all the things you never said and never did.

all my rage is now boiling over into unbridal'ed hatred

for your heart, why are you so cold to me, and why am i

so cold to you,the jelousy inside of me is really making

the pain twice as bad, and im letting my rage take

control.I am walking away from you now your heart

no longer makes me smile it sicken's me how i

thought of you like you were the one for me.

I despise everything i havegiven to you. but

I walk away.... before i regret what i might do

to you.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 992 times
Written on 2005-10-20 at 07:56

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A poet's simplicity
is misunderstood
so I keep quiet
but what if
my silence
is misunderstood?


Zoya Zaidi
I like how one line flows into the other, it is like reading the story incotinuem, and yet the rythm is not lost! I can almost feel and go along with you, as one feeling gives way to the other to final feeling of hatred. But the anti-climax in the end makes it sound like a short story,a good short story!!!

John Ashleigh
You have many spelling mistakes - typo's in there.

Silince - Silence
Beucase - Because
rigtht - Right

Also the structure would be much bolder if you drew the lines together and corrected some grammar mistakes. ex. letting my rage take control. I'm walking away....

Not the best poem you have written, but deffinetly another good one Chris. Keep up the hardwork. :)