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That Ordinary girl

When I was an "Ordinary girl",
Life was simple and adorable,
I was treated as if as a princess,
How lovely and memorable.

Though it wasn't the same,
Similar as the real princess,
My parents did all their best,
But I was still like the greedy rabbit.

My dream was to become famous,
My hungry wish was also granted,
Since then money wasn't a problem for me,
It was just like as simple as a cup of tea.

Later on one thing I realized,
Money isn't everything.
I remember how I used to believe,
If I'll have money I would buy anything.

I could see nothing in front of me,
I believed so much in me,
Until I completely forgot,
Love can never be bought.

A man I loved more than my life,
I was rich still he refused my love,
He was a man, who didn't cost anything,
Not even also a penny.

I still depended on my money,
I was ready to give him all my wealth,
He was shocked and said you wicked lady,
No one can ever buy my love nor can buy me.

The news was known worldwide,
Paparazzi wherever I made my step,
I couldn't even breathe in my own house,
I wished if life could return back.

Many mistakes I did,
I couldn't stand straight,
Rather than being proud,
"My head was looking down
I felt my life was waste of time"

Onion tears were in my eyes,
I wished again for my last wish,
I didn't demand anything again,
I only wanted to remain,

"That Ordinary girl"
Who I was!

By Zainab 7 January 2007

Words by Zainab
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Written on 2007-01-07 at 07:43

Tags Girl 

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Rob Graber
Well, she learned a good lesson, didn't she? Lucky for her he didn't just pretend to love her and take her money!

Thank you Teala

I'm glad you really can feel what I write d:

Excellent piece--always be true to yourself, that is what I feel the messege is here.