Love in terms of Affection

Love in terms of

Affection; Rare

True, undeviating passion

Between two people

Love felt both ways

Felt in mind, body, and soul

Equal appreciation for their

Ever expanding mind

Ever flourishing body

Ever radiant soul

A timeless and rich passion

To ever weather all trials

Love in terms of affection


Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1203 times
Written on 2007-01-15 at 01:39

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Amanda K
YEAH, rare agree 100%. you combined love and affection, a theme that's rare itself. i love your book and wishing you all the best. keep it up.

Neil Chalcraft
very very nice, worth remembering. :)

betsy Firefly mind, body and soul - that's the part many people forget, Aaron! We are a triune being just like our Creator.

Complete love, as close as we can come to God's love here on earth.

What a romantic, pure poem of love...the flow and imagery is excellent!

mm, something always seems to come in the way ... and I imagine it very often is fear ... the fear of not beeing loved for who we are ... a fear that is often carried inside people from an early age in life ...

I belive so many break - ups could be avoided ----- when we try to love ourselves it is easier to love fearlessly ...

thank you for your shared thoughts ...your few words said a bundle ... to the point write

best wishes

This is purely exquisite, the thoughts here radiate beauty. The language could improve (no offense, i just thought i'd say). I thank you again for you wonderful way with words.