i wrote this for my sister, i cant live without her , she's a part of mine .........

*~._Unforgettable memories_.~*

collecting the memories,
of near and past.
i cant hold them on,
the timeline is vast.

so why not to take,
a merry ride.
comeon here,
stand by my side.

let me take u back,
to the space of time.
enjoy this journey,
with your cute little mime.

let me take you back,
when i was kid.
and you like mother,
kept me happy and splendid.

the way you laughed,
on my every stupid joke.
the way eared,
every word i spoke.

the way you cleared my tears,
the way you wiped my fears.

you were my secret locker,
while walking walking the first step,
you were my walker.

i still remember,
all that crazy time,
how everytime you saved me,
when i commited a crime.

dear sis.....

you are my eyes,
when i want to see.

you are my ears,
when i want to hear.

you are my voice,
when i want to speak.

you are my limbs,
when i want to walk.

you are my skin,
when i want to feel.

i fear for the day,
when you'll leave me a vegetable.......

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 780 times
Written on 2007-01-19 at 17:37

Tags Love  Sister 

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betsy Firefly
Not everybody has this kind of a brother! On the other hand, your sister must be pretty special, too!

Kathy Lockhart
Zee this is a beautiful poem of love for you dear sweet sister. She must adore it.