after the end, comes rememberance...
in this first part, the hermit prince, Arl of Azahrin, begins to remember...

after the end - part one

a greyness falls from the sky;
it winds through a dale,
and wends through a vale;
passing from a berg's misty weave
to the crags of a goblin's bay,
gathering the shadows of day,
merging them into the thick shade of eve...

...a wind marauds across a weeded edge,
passing as a cold ache
through the reeds of a dragon's lake,
haunting the things of breath,
carrying in its icy rake
the rememberance of death...

...the wind crosses a crag
climbs a rise,
and reaches the bole
of an oaken hag;
there, beneath her amber leaves
lies the one who grieves...

alone he lies -
sprawled upon a grassless dearth
of rainwashed earth;
he quivers beneath falling sighs;
he trembles above darkening dreams;
tears well in his unseeing eyes
and fall across his face as wild streams...

...not far from the oaken hag,
near a sleeping stag;
in the nook of parting rills,
stands a line of daffodils;
in the shade of a silver lind
they sway in the wind,
leaning towards the sufferer
each, like a shy eavesdropper;
nodding their heads about,
each, lost in a mist of doubt;
peering through an elven creeper,
each, inquiring of their neighbour
for even a part of the whole
as to what ails the fallen soul ! ...

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Written on 2005-10-24 at 06:17

Tags Sorrow 

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Zoya Zaidi
You write so beautifully- soulfully-so much anguish in your poems... it's litrally painful to go though them... Yet, they fill one with sweet sadness!!!
Like Angei, Waiting with abated breath for part two!
God Bless You!!
As famous Urdu poet Iqbal says:
"DIL SAY JO BAT NIKALTI HAI ASAR RAKHTI HAI!" ( Whatever comes from the depths of your heart is always effective- like your poetry is!)
You have an Indian name, so I hope, you can enjoy the orignal?