Written a long time ago...when I first started to write...so it is a little dumb...you can definately see the immaturity and childness in this piece. I thought I would share it anyway...

Excuse me....Over here...

Can you take a moment to listen to what I have to say. You treat me like I am different, like I am night and you are day. If someone else starts talking, you ignore everything I say. It seems like you forget me, you turn and walk away.

Please think about this action and everything you do, because in that brief moment you make me feel blue. Like wishing on a far away star and it tells you to shoo. I didn't realize my presence would irritate you.

As I sit and think I realize its not just you. It seems this is true with everyone that I speak to, and believe me there are only a few. Everyone walks away from me, the same way you tend to do. When all I really want is to be accepted too.

Poetry by SomThinWikid
Read 955 times
Written on 2005-10-28 at 17:32

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No, I dont think its immature.
Its right on the point.
Well written.

i hate that 'invisible feeling'... i can see the childishness of it, but i find it endearing. sad, how people treat one another. life is certainly not fair.

Very nice, like a breath of fresh air...nice flow like a song. Thanks for sharing.

Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
I have the same problem ...and you
expressed it beautifully with rhyme and rythm. Enjoyed reading it v. much'

expressed it beautifully with rhyme and rythm