The entire life of a woman starting from baby to beyond the grave.

Tina Cries Out

Tina cries out from her baby bed
Mother comes in and strokes her forehead
She puts her to sleep with her soothing voice
Tina is calmed by her mother named Joyce.

Tina cries out from bed but be fair
It was from a dream that turned nightmare
She has had the dream so many nights
That sleep she now no longer fights.

Tina cries out from the college dorm
She wants to leave but she's signed the form
She's afraid she'll wind up going to jail
And for killing a student she knows there's no bail.

Tina cries out from the looney bin walls
Unfortunately no one answers her calls
She pleaded insanity and that's what she got
I guess she didn't plan out the whole plot.

Tina cries out from a retirement home
There's a dog by her window with a mouth full of foam
It killed her you see
Now she's dead as can be.

But still...

Tina cries out from her coffin...alive?!
Nobody thought that she'd take a dive
But was it worth it all to lie?
She's now underground and there she will die.

Tina cries out from the cemetery coast
She can't cross over so now she's a ghost
She wanders the graveyard perimeter at night
And holds onto memories of family tight.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 337 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 02:32

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betsy Firefly
Kristina, what a sad, sad poem you have written into a fascinating story.

I'm glad that it isn't so.