Contains curse words and nasty stuff NOT FOR KIDS!

Now Do You Think I'm Demented?

You always thought that I was normal
That I would never tell a lie
Now do you think I'm Demented?
As I stab you in the eye.

I rip you open and guts pour out
How I love to see blood on the knife
Now do you think I'm Demented?
I took your fucking life.

It will not stop with you
You weren't the only one who thought
I would never hurt a fly
So now a lesson must be taught.

I walk silently down the street
Looking for my chance
Then I see Felina the whore
Doing her "mating" dance.

I walk up to her and she smiles
She can't see what's really on my mind
We go to the nearest hotel room
Then I say "You're not my kind."

She frowns wondering why
I have brought her here
And tied her to the bed
Yet still had on so much gear.

Her eyes grow wide seeing the blade
Shine as it hits the light
Her screams are muffled yet still pierce
As I kill her in the night.

I leave the hotel like every thing's fine
Leaving her sprawled on the bed
Now do you think I'm demented?
I had sex with someone dead.

I whistle as I'm walking now
And halt when I see old man Trey
He threw me out of his apartment complex
And now I shall make him pay.

I walk right up to him
And he tells me "Get lost."
I'm thinking, big mistake
That will surely cost.

I grab his wallet and make him chase me
Through woods not far away
I get him out near a swamp land
And then I stop and say.

"Well this is where it ends
You pathetic sack of shit!"
He then pulls out a gun and shoots
Oh no man I've been hit!

I hear him say before I die
"You always thought of me as weak
Well now do you think I'm demented
You're only the fifth I seek~"

Poetry by Kristina
Read 761 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 00:01

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