Just another poem on teen suicidal thoughts.

End It All~

She's crying in her room
Every thing's gone wrong
She's carving with the blade
To an Evanescence song.

Her mother don't believe
Her father is quite abusive
She's tried to tell her many times
But the evidence is not conclusive.

Her boyfriend dumped her
Her best friend was killed
By the man that raped her
The wounds have never healed.

She slices for each memory
That made her mad or sad
Trying so hard to release the pain
Mutilating her skin so bad.

She was with her friend
She feels she didn't try
Hard enough to save her
And that's what made her die~

It was the last of October
She closes her eyes to remember
Her best friend's final words...
"I'm getting married in December."

They'd been walking through an alley
A shortcut home so late that night
But then a strange man with a gun
Jumped out into the streetlight.

They both turned around to run
He shot her friend in the head
Then he pushed her to the ground
I think enough has now been said.

When she opens her eyes and looks again
In excruciating pain she starts to moan
She had angrily been cutting back and forth
And started sawing right through the bone.

Her mom walks in and screams
Then faints from the sight of her arm
Now she is in an insane asylum
That keeps her from doing herself more harm~

Poetry by Kristina
Read 787 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 00:09

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