This was inspired by a picture I no longer have the link for but it had a woman in the darkness with a terrified look. her face sort of looked slanted...think it was a blur or something.

Branded Images In My Mind

Who do you think you see?
Staring through the dark
Do you truly think it's me?
Careful with your remark...

You see the bulging eyes
You see the scrapes and cuts
You didn't hear my cries
But on the floor's my guts...

Look closely, why's my hand there?
To hold my hair in place?
To tell you do I dare?
I'm wearing your girlfriend's face!

I'm not in the Devils Rejects
Nor am I leather-face
And there is no one who expects
Me not to leave a trace~

Poetry by Kristina
Read 776 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 00:14

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