A poem for the tarot card Death :)

Tarot Card-DEATH

I've went to a fortune teller
Every day this week
And got the same cards drawn
For different things I seek.

But this time starts the weekend
Time for things to change
It was in the cards and today
They showed something very strange.

All the cards were drawn the same
As any other day
Except for the very last one
Which said I'd die today.

I almost passed out
When she drew and flipped up Death
I started hyperventilating
And I could not catch my breath.

She told me it would be okay
That this was all for fun
Suddenly a man came in
And I saw he had a gun.

He told me to get out of there
He needs his fortune read
I ran out of the tent so scared
And now I am very dead.

I wasn't watching where I was going
And got hit by a semi truck
I guess it wasn't all just fun
For I know it is not luck.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 790 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 00:05

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broken wings
that card.....well alota people die each day anyways but usually from what i heard from others (one happened once myself) that once its drawn its usually someone thats close to you or someone u noe would die

Yes she was lying, the last tarot cards I had read brought up death and that day my husband died! True. Your poem was quite amusing otherwise....well written


ah the tarot, i did do a few poems based on card but got bored with them. never been to a fortune teller. well, death, it will come to us all eventually.