Just something I thought of after watching Alone In The Dark


The silence is overwhelming
Starting to drive me mad
I'm hiding from the creature
Cause running would be bad.

I cannot hear a thing
It doesn't make a sound
It doesn't even make vibrations
As it travels on the ground.

It doesn't screech or howl
I don't even hear its breath
But I know it wants one thing for me
And that one thing is death.

I finally hear it rear up
Then suddenly I hear it stop
It sniffs a couple times
And then I hear it drop.

It's screams pierce through the cave
Loud enough to shatter glass
Then I see the creature
As it starts to pass.

Back in silence I still see
Shadows forming on the wall
There's no longer just one creature
It has called them all

They all scream out so loudly now
That my head begins to burst
Now I see why they say this cave
Is and has always been cursed.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 790 times
Written on 2007-03-01 at 23:59

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Zoya Zaidi
Sometimes the scream of the Silence can be deafening!!!!!!!!!!
(((hugs Kristina for the anguished post))))
Love, Zoya