The thoughts of a young girl wanting to cause herself pain but accidently brought about her ultimate death.

Accidental Suicide

Her spirit's in the wind
You can feel her all around
She brought about her end
A straight razor on the ground.

Her hair is black as night
Her life right down the drain
She had to shed some light
On all her pinned in pain.

She loved the color red
She'd cut all down her arm
Just before she went to bed
Never meaning any harm.

But one night she went too far
And she cut her wrist too deep
She died out in the car
Now all her family weep.

Now she's stuck in between
Not in heaven nor in hell
This was something unforseen
But now she cannot tell.

Her father had to wonder why
Her mother thought she hurt inside
They both believe she wanted to die
But it was a secret she had to hide.

They did not know that this went on
Every single night on her bed
And now that she is truly gone
They won't because she's dead.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 359 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 02:37

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