About a fictionary girl who is molested by her father but never comes forward until the same happens to her little sister.

Bottled Up

She's seen pain all around her
That and then there's sin
Her father raped her and now she's sure
She will not love men.

She thinks that it's her fault
She wonders what went wrong
She's now within a cult
Where she thinks she can belong.

After years go by
And she moves out of the house
She meets the perfect guy
That is now her spouse.

She has made up with her father
Yet she has never told a soul
She doesn't want to be a bother
But the years have taken their toll.

She has two kids he can't go near
Without her freaking out
Inside of her there is still fear
Rape's what it's all about.

Now her little sister stands in court
Pregnant by her dad
She has a child she must abort
How could it get this bad?

The woman sits in court and cries
Tears streaming down her face
They all think the girl tells lies
But she knows that's not the case.

When the judge favors him
The woman then stands up
You can tell her eyes are dim
As she gets her courage up.

She tells about getting raped
She says that he is cold
She tells the judge how she escaped
She was twelve years old.

Now the judge lays out the law
She favors the little girl
The woman watches her father fall
Together the two girls rule.

The little girl thanks her for it
Knowing what he did
To this day, they still can't get
How he could hurt his kids.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 353 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 02:42

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betsy Firefly
Amazingly told. you do well with rhyming poems.

She don't want to be a bother - she doesn't
But the years have took their toll. - have taken

a good peice, just those two lines really where the grammar shifted a little.

a sad poem, glad to see it is fiction though of course for many in the world it is reality.