A poem on how far a teen may go to get away from the torment of everyday life.

Suicidal Depression

She listens to her music
And she just can't see
Her parents are so worried
She's not who she used to be.

She comes home from school
Stoned out of her mind
Her parents ground her for it
They say that she's too blind.

She runs up the stairs
She goes into her room
She starts to play her music
As she plans out her doom.

She thinks about her life
As she lays down on her bed
She has not led a good one
And she wishes she was dead.

She stares straight ahead
You know that she's spaced out
She feels she don't exist
But that's not what it's about.

She caught her best friend with her boyfriend
Which really broke her heart
Suicide now beckons her
It's time for her to part.

All night long she wonders why
And all night long she cries
She knows she won't forgive them
Until the day she dies.

It's all about depression
She locks her bedroom door
With a knife she slits her wrists
And now she is no more.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 331 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 02:48

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betsy Firefly
This is well written. Sturdy rhythm throughout most of the poem.

Very sad that this is the truth for many of our teenagers. You should send this to a teen magazine to be published. We need a solution to this this problem.