A song sung to the tune of HUSH LITTLE BABY

Sondra Vs. Tina

Sondra is an angel
With a lot to tell
Tina is a demon
Sent straight up from hell.

Sondra will be here
To hold you when you cry
She'll also be here
When your family says goodbye.

Tina could care less
The reason for your tears
She the one that fills
Your head full of fears.

Sondra is so nice
She never tells a lie
Tina does so much
To see you suffer when you die.

Sondra would not hurt you
Although Tina can
Tina makes you wish
You really should have ran.

Sondra will try
To help you stay away
Because she knows
Tina's price you will soon pay.

Tina will kill you
While you're in a dream
And she knows no one
Will ever hear you scream.

In your life and how you die
They'll both be watching you
No matter what
You ever choose to do.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 383 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 06:13

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