I wrote this one a long time ago...I think it was my 3rd dark poem and I am really proud of it, I know it may sound kinda strange to people but when I wrote it I could see everything as plain as ever. This one means a lot to me because I somehow feel as


My name is Peaches, this is Cream
Every night we have the dream.
We know it somehow tells our fate
But for now we'll have to wait.
I recall what we were told
Our dreams tell our future, but what does it hold?
We control what we do, but not where we go
If I die in a dream, does that make it so?
The morning comes but I'm still asleep
I'm afraid my dream world's all I keep.
Someone help me, I can't wake up
The way out is gone and the gate I can't jump.
I'm going farther then I've ever been
I usually wake after counting to ten.
I find myself crying as I look ahead
I see my friend Cream, but this time she's dead.
I wake up screaming and see something bright
I go to my window to see such a fright.
Cops and an ambulance are across the street
While kids are yelling "Trick or treat!"
I run to the house that the cops surround
To hear them say a girl's body they found.
I ask to see cause my friend lives here
I lift the cover and see with fear.
The body of Cream just as I saw
In the dream world...she answered her call.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 369 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 06:22

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