I cannot take all the credit for this poem for it was totally inspired by the new version of Dawn of the Dead
Written September 13th, 2005


You can smell death in the air
That's something that I cannot bare
They walk around without a care
To step out side I do not dare
I just don't think it's very fair
They claw and bite and lose their hair
You'll be one too if your flesh they tear.

They aimlessly walk, as though they are blind
A trace of life you will not find
They will attack and they are not kind
It's as though they have no mind
If you shoot you must be lined
Without any weapons you're in a bind
I am glad my will is signed.

You'll turn to a zombie, just from a bite
Or they can scratch you with all of their might
They attack in the day but more so at night
You might survive if you put up a fight
If it is possible and you are out in the light
Try what you may to stay out of sight
If you think there's too many...guess what you're right.

This town had fifty-thousand people plus me
Now there's just seven, oh how can this be?
They say the weapons have a fee
He said there was ten or more didn't he?
You said that you had the only mall key
Look over there! Do you see what I see?
One of them is eating another ones knee.

We're hiding out inside the mall
I'm freaking out from what I saw
At least between us there's a wall
I think to myself while pacing the hall
We're trying to survive and not to fall
But now there is no one to call
The need to feed is their only law.

It's as though they have to feed
And human flesh is what they need
A boy in our group just sits smoking weed
A girl is just worried she lost a hair bead
I guess this group I have to lead
I have killed five and they call it a deed
But it's like they are birds coming for seed.

I tell you what this is not fun
We have very few bullets and only one gun
Oh what now has the government done
To think that all of this started with one
We survived until the rise of the sun
But I think the chances of living are none
If we step outside we die or run.

It's coming up on the second day
One thing I have got to say
Those zombies out there all will pay
So right now on a stair I lay
I think I'm safe here, come what may
Outside it's zombies all the way
What I wouldn't give to bask on a bay.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 385 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 19:40

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