These are extremly hard to rhyme so I basically just tried to name them, say who they were, what they were, and/or what they did...some rhyme really well while others tend to linger I know... Inspired by ancient Greece
Written September 16th, 2005

Xena & Gabrielle

Xena with your long black hair
Your skills are far beyond compare.
Gabrielle you have your staff
You can make the others laugh.
Joxer's heart is filled with love
Why, he's as gentle as a dove.
But Callisto's heart is filled with rage
She feels as though she's in a cage.
Alti promised Xena she'd be
Destroyer of Nations, but lied as see.
Little Bliss played a love game
One that Xena thought was lame.
Cupid had to ground him for it
And then reverse who got hit.
Except for Drako, who fell for Gabby
Because Xena said he needs to stay happy.
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is so cool
She can make all mortal men drool.
The path of love is Eli's way
He can brighten the very worst day.
Argo is a horse of skill
One that no one can easily kill.
Tara, a girl who loves to dance
Was banished but got a second chance.
Velasca, the evil amazon
Fell into lava and now she is gone.
Hercules, there's a man that's tough
But only when needed is he ever rough.
Iolaus, Herc's chummy sidekick
Just can't resist a beautiful chick.
Xena's son Solan was killed early in life
He missed puberty, dating, and even a wife.
Hades is the Lord of the Dead
With an invisible helmet and very swelled head.
Celesta, you know you shouldn't touch her
You do then you die and for that there's no cure.
Poseidon is the God of the Sea
Him cursing a ship did not impress me.
Apollo is the God of the Sun
I don't think he has ever had fun.
Pandora has a secret box
That if opened all mankind is lost.
Ares is the God of War
Says he loves Xena but hasn't showed it so far.
Strife is so stupid he just couldn't see
Callisto take a dagger and stab him with greed.
Zeus, King of the Gods is okay
Though he tried to kill Xena on Eve's birth day.
Hera, now there's an evil gal
She'd punish all mortals if she only knew how.
Julius Caesar, Xena's hatred is toward him
He betrayed her and crucified her all on a whim.
Virgil's the son of Joxer and Meg
He wanted to travel but he would not beg.
Senticles was the maker of toys
He made great things for girls and boys.
Hydra, the three headed serpent is gross
You cut off one head and another one grows.
Lachrymose, The God of Despair
If you don't see his rock then he doesn't play fair.
Bacchus really hates the lyre
Although he is in to might and fire.
Orpheus is just a head
After the death of Bacchus he's dead.
Armand met Xena, Joxer killed his dad
He wanted to kill him but he just wasn't bad.
Amarice fell in love with Armand
But being an amazon, expression was hard.
Melosa was blind in her right eye
But that didn't matter, she learned to get by.
Dahak's a God that the other Gods fear
He got Gabrielle pregnant to make hope appear.
Hope grew up to look like her mom
But coming from Dahak, used her powers for harm.
Terrayis gave Gabby her Right of Cast
It's the last thing she did and then she passed.
Ephiny, Xena and Gabrielle's friend
She'll be there until the end.
There's three sets of people that Xena can't stand
The banshees, the furies, and then there is Odin.
Diana, Xena's look alike
One thing she can't do is fight.
And Perdicas, Gabrielle's one and only
Was killed by Callisto, now Gabrielle's lonely.
There are plenty more but they're hard to rhyme
If they weren't I could name them all on a dime.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 391 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 19:47

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