Just another poem on teenage peer pressure

Teenage Peer Pressure

When she was young, she was quite slick
Until the day she got so sick.
She thought sneaking out at night was fun
She thought it would be nice to own a gun.
She would read about teen pregnancy
She was scared to think how that would be.
She hung with girlfriends at the mall
With the boys she had a ball.
She dealt with peer pressure everyday
Except she chose the wrong pathway.
She used to get straight A's in school
But she forgot the biggest rule.
She let others control her mind
And found herself in one big bind.
Once she went there, there was no turning back
The first thing she did was start smoking crack.
Then it was cigarettes, sex, and then beer
The day she was raped no one shed a tear.
Most did not believe her, some even said she was lying
She knew the truth, but had no proof, so she ran home crying.
She thought about suicide, then she thought of what's worse
She put back the gun she stole from her mom's purse.
She looks in the mirror and sees her reflection
She holds her stomach and thinks of rejection.
She says to herself "He did something wrong."
She also says "But I am strong,
I may be pregnant by this man...
But I'll raise this baby the best I can."
She knows she can't do it all alone
So she calls her best friend on the phone.
They've been best friends since they were ten
They always felt that they were kin.
They were always so much alike
They even had a two-seater bike.
The two of them moved in together
And promise to love the baby forever.
Her best friend promised to be by her side
And she was right there with her when the baby arrived.
They'll raise this baby with tender care
And a shield of love nothing can tear.
Peer pressure got her into this mess
But she doesn't love the baby less.
Her friend and her baby helped get her out
That's what loving someone is really about.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 388 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 21:29

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