Powder means the world to me I have Agoraphobia meaning I have a real fear of being around a lot (2 or more) people so animals provide a real outlet for me...I mean if you love them they'll love you, and I just Powder to pieces and I don't know what I


Powder, you are so gentle
You would never hurt a soul
Powder, my little white bunny
I love you and let it show.

Powder, I'll never make you leave
I'd get evicted first
And although it has been threatened
It wouldn't be the worst.

Powder, you are family
Very precious to me
I'll make it known to everyone
That is how I see.

Powder, you use a litter box
And you don't chew on the walls
I don't think the apartment owners
Have made very decent calls.

Powder, I feel like I knew you
The first day I saw you at the shop
And I knew I had to get you
For nothing would make me stop.

Powder, I really feel
That you are my grandmother
Reincarnated in a pet
Cause I have seen no other.

Powder, this may seem odd to some
But I used to see Ma's ghost
Now I don't and I think
It's because she's found a host.

Powder, whether true or not
I'll keep you til you die
And I know it will be hard
When I have to say goodbye.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 390 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 21:37

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