strange dream I had lol

Spirit With A Twist~

It's a calm and quiet night
You're driving down the road
In the rain, you hang a right
And see a woman that looks cold.

You open the door and let her in
Saying you'll take her home
But you quickly realize then
She's a spirit on the roam.

Her hair so long and black
Her skin as cold as ice
Beauty she does not lack
She smiles to entice.

Her face is as white as pale gets
Her lips are a dark blood red
She says something that just don't fit
The woods were her home and bed.

She fell asleep in the passengers seat
You wake her in the woods
All she wanted was fresh meat
And you know she got the goods.

They found you in the morning
Blood splattered everywhere
I guess that's a forewarning
That she doesn't like to share.

Picking up an alluring girl
On a country road at night
Never knowing that she is cruel
With a face that's liquid white.

We'll look for her, but she won't mind
For she is someone we can't charge
And she's someone that we just can't find
Although she's still at large.

She's killed fifteen married men
And seven teenage boys
None of which could win
For she treats them all like toys.

Women she has yet to kill
Children still have a prayer
She still has emotion to feel
And that could make her care.

We found her standing in the park
Staring at thin air
We got closer sense it was dark
And saw something else was there.

She stood there, never blinking
With a smile across her face
I feel my heart start sinking
And my pulse begins to race.

She senses I am close
She knows how far, my length
She gives me quite a dose
Of her supernatural strength.

I don't make the grade
She just thinks that I'm a pest
Now I have all but paid
For failing her so called test.

She smiles vaguely, yet again
And I see two teeth, so sharp
A roaming spirit she had not been
Now the nurse lifts up a tarp.

She had been a vampire
Lurking in the dark abyss
She tantalized like fire
Through a single kiss.

Now it's up to the nurse
No heart rhythm or pulse found
Things have gotten much worse
For now the nurse is on the ground.

I made two puncture holes
In the nurses thigh
It was not one of my goals
To bite or watch her die.

But now standing in the doorway
Is the hypnotizing lady
Smiling at the poor way
I'd become so shady.

I guess I cannot cover
What I went and did
She is now my lover
Just check out our kid.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 337 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 22:41

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