A story of teens and gore

Murderous Temptress

Sonja stares through the bars of the prison cell...finally caught?...only time will tell...

Sonja was on the cheer leading squad at school, everyone thought she was the best but Allison got picked as the head cheerleader. (murderous rage #1)

Sonja was a whiz in English/Spelling class and had always been chosen as first chair at the contest, but this year the new kid Michael got it. (murderous rage #2)

Sonja had been the girlfriend of the football star quarterback Leon for three years, but Michael's twin sister Michelle won him over on her first day there. (murderous rage #3)

Sonja had always been the teacher's pet but this year she had made a couple of slips and Mrs. Whitaker (Laura) had given her quite a few detentions, and no longer favored her over the rest. (murderous rage #4)

Sonja had never been in trouble with the principal before but last year the old one retired and now they had Mr.Lainey (Joshua) and he had taken it upon himself to hate her to extremes. (murderous rage #5)

These are things that made Sonja angry enough to kill, and the final straw was with the principal.

Two weeks earlier (from the time she is in prison)...

Sonja goes to school like every other day and in class they are all trying to think of a place to take a field trip (They had been planning one a while and today they were supposed to leave with ANY destination)

'I have a place we can all go and this is supposed to be to learn about nature so this place would be absolutely perfect.' said Sonja with a smile and a vision of murder in her head. 'Well then great where is it?' asked the teacher (Laura) 'Oh well when my grandmother died she left her cabin in the woods to us and I have really been wanting to go back there but of course it is still too difficult for my parents.' said Sonja 'Okay then that is where we will go.' said Laura.

The people that were going (Cause they needed parents permission, since it was a three day field trip lasting Friday,Saturday, and Sunday and these were the ones who got it) were conveniently: Sonja, Leon, Allison, Michael, Michelle, and of course policy made sure that Laura and Joshua went.

The cabin was way up on top of a mountain and ten miles off the road...when everyone got there they all settled in for the night because by the time they had made the four mile walk (cause there was no road going to the cabin just a road coming off the main road and going six miles closer.) up the mountain and to the cabin it was pitch dark outside.

'I'll go see if I can find something to eat.' said Sonja as she went into the kitchen...

Ten minutes later... 'Hey I wonder what is keeping Sonja?' asked Leon 'I'll go check.' Said Allison getting up...

Allison went into the kitchen and saw food on the counter and rat poison beside a boiling pot on the stove but no Sonja...'Sonja where are you?' Allison said starting to get scared. 'BOO!' yelled Sonja jumping out of the shadows and listening to Allison scream, and it didn't take long for everyone to be in the kitchen 'What happened? What's going on here!?' Said Leon kind of freaked. 'Nothing I guess I just scared her a little that's all...I went out to check the power box and there's a wire cut...Leon could you come check it with me?' Said Sonja smiling 'I'll' go with him.' Michelle butted in 'Come on Leon.'

Sonja watched as the two of them went out the door...'Okay everyone let's go back into the living room now.' Sonja said literally pushing everyone out of the kitchen, still watching the door going outside (where Michelle and Leon had just went).

Meanwhile outside... 'Why do you still like her... you are mine now.' said Michelle 'I don't still love her Michelle I told you we are over why can't you get that through your thick blond head!' yelled Leon because he heard this same thing day after day after day...

'Well for you two being over you sure throw enough little lovey looks her way and I see how she flirts with you and you love it. Why don't you just drop dead!' Said Michelle as she ran off into the woods.

Leon fixed the wire and went back in... 'Where is Michelle?' asked Michael. 'She took off into the woods.' said Leon 'I'll go find her....don't want her getting lost out there.' said Sonja

Meanwhile in the woods... Michelle is already lost 'OH why did I have to come out here in the night with no flash light? Oh I've already been here! How do I get back to the cabin?' She said talking out loud to herself. 'Come this way...' said Sonja from a distance (far enough so all Michelle could see was a shadow. 'Sonja is that you?' ... no answer 'Sonja?' ... Still no answer... 'This isn't funny I have to get back!' and still no answer. Finally Michelle went over to where the voice had come from and suddenly Sonja popped out from behind a tree with a chainsaw (she had gotten from the nearby storage shed) and she turned it on (They were to far away from the house to be heard) and cut Michelle into a bunch of little pieces...and hide them throughout the woods.

When Sonja came back in Leon said 'Well...where is she?' 'Oh I guess she is playing hide-and-go-seek with us...after all there is so many places she could get to.' replied Sonja. 'Well what should we do?' asked Michael 'We simply have to find her we can't have one of our students go out on a three day field trip and not be with us when we go back...how would we tell the parents...I want everyone of you out there looking for her right now...........I said NOW!' yelled Joshua.

While everyone was in a rush to get out and find Michelle Sonja snuck into her grandmother's old room and found a box of things meant for Sonja when she came to the house. When Sonja opened it there was a book (called The Necronomicon) and a bunch of symbol trinkets. Sonja skimmed through the book and found a page she liked entitled: SUMMONING A DEMON DOG FROM HELL and all that was needed were a couple of the trinkets she had and a chant...so she done as the book said using the symbol trinkets however and whenever the book said and reciting these words: AHUM DEMONICA FORTOSA AMEKROMOR FEL DON AY SHI NEEMA DOJINEGA KRY LUKONUS FRIMETROL SEEKA SUSAY TOOMBYE....

Suddenly everything outside was shrouded in darkness and she watched out the window as four demon dogs appeared and killed everyone outside cause all of them were too far too make it back...She closed her eyes and smiled as she listened to their deafening screams ring out through the night. Then when everybody (Except Sonja) was dead the demon dogs returned from which they came and in the morning the cops had blamed and arrested her for six counts of murder in first degree and when she told them the truth they went back to see, but the Necronomicon was nowhere to be found and although it had somewhat sprinkled (rained) the night before there were no dog tracks of any kind (although they knew if they could find raccoon, deer, etc. tracks which they did...that had the killer been a dog it would have left tracks.)

The most damning evidence was the fact that there were footprints of all the people (Including Sonja) out side and Sonja's was near each and every victim where they had died....

This is how the police had found each person and determined they were killed, you know already about Michelle.....Michael died the same way (Twins get it), Allison had been decapitated (No longer HEAD cheerleader), Leon's back had been torn completely out and his body was filled with snakes (That is what Sonja called him...a snake), Laura had every single letter in the alphabet scratched into her flesh with a sharp razor or something (so deep it scraped into the bone... well she was a spelling teacher), and Joshua had been totally ripped apart by his rectum (Talk about being a pain in the ass)

Short story by Kristina
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Written on 2007-02-23 at 22:50

Tags Story  Horror  Monster 

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