inspired by Night of the Living


I sit in the corner of an old house
I'm scared yet quiet as a mouse.
Zombies are banging at the door
About a dozen, maybe more.
Three of my friends are already dead
I told them they had to be shot in the head.
The only ones who are still alive
Are me, Britney, Lynn, and Clive.
All through the house we have set traps
Ones that go off with the slightest taps.
Some of the zombies are hard to kill
And they won't leave till they've had their fill.
We've just noticed Clive's been bit
And me without my first-aid kit.
It won't be long before he'll change
We don't know what to do it's strange.
It wasn't but two hours ago
We were driving down a dead end road.
The three of us survived the night
But were terrorized till morning light.
Finally the zombies went away
As the sun came up to start the day.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 416 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 22:52

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Gothic geisha
Very imagintive for a poem, tells the story great, and easily to follow, i liked the part of Clive being bit, and you with out you medical kit, alot.