very decrepied poem about a lady who skins people (inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre :) )

Holly Brown

In a tiny house way outside of town
Lives a lonely lady, her name is Holly Brown.
Now Holly had a mother and Holly had a dad
Her father drank himself to death and then her mom went mad.
Holly has a husband, he's in the marines
Holly has three kids, each out of their teens.
Jesse dances at a bar, she is twenty-four
Thirty-year-old Dillon has two kids and wants one more.
Then there's Janice, thirty-two
She works at a pool with Kimi Shoo.
Holly's kids are gone now, they live so far from home
One in Europe, one in Asia, and one way out in Rome.
It's best they just don't see what Holly likes to do
People who stop by, she kills and skins them too.
It doesn't matter what they tell her
Their bodies end up in the cellar.
She now hears voices in her head
Saying her husband will soon be dead.
She killed someone at ten past eight
It was her husband who just came in late.
She had waited six years for him to return
It cost her so much to finally learn.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 517 times
Written on 2007-02-26 at 22:31

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