better description LOL

Scary Silent Hill

This house has been here a hundred years
And yet nobody sees my tears.
Monsters lurk in all the halls
Everywhere there's bloodstained walls.
This place is a nightmare and I can't get out
Finding survivors is something I doubt.
It's raining outside but inside it's foggy
Outside my room is an inside-out doggy.
The only weapons that I own...
Are a pick, an axe, and some sort of bone.
I can't get close enough to kill
Those monsters just find it a thrill.
Some days I feel I can find my way
Other times I'd like to stay.
This place is full of memories past
I don't know how long I will last.
Here is where I was born and raised
By the monsters, never phased.
I am exhausted, dead on my feet
Surrounding my room is living-dead meat.
But I have got to face my fear
Up until my final year.
This place called Silent Hill is hell
And how to leave...I'll never tell~

Poetry by Kristina
Read 565 times
Written on 2007-02-26 at 22:36

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Hmmm.... I see your point, but to make a poem more dark and gloomy it's better to skip rhymes and prolong sentences with odd adjectives. For example:

A dark horrid mist wrapped around my feat,
deep inside all blood was gone,
With tools of murder in my tired hands.
All that I knew was dead.