a glimpse of what lengths someone may go to to end the pain

Gone Too Far

Blood trickles from her lip
Three broken ribs and a fractured hip.
This isn't the first time, he's done it before
She swears if she can it will happen no more.
But in less than a week he comes home drunk
And once again he becomes a punk.
She reads up on self-defense
Her husband thinks she's far too dense.
The next time he comes home drunk from the bar
She swears that night he went too far.
He beat and raped her on the bed
Then beat her kids till they were dead.
Her daughter age four and a two year old boy
This time she isn't going to be coy.
She runs upstairs and grabs the gun
The one she bought last year for fun.
She pulls the trigger with no remorse
Then all the years come back by force.
As the memories of her life pass
She knows she must dispose of him fast.
The police are his friends, he grew up in this town
But this is a crime for which she will not go down.
She'll throw him off the edge of a cliff
By the time she gets there he's already stiff.
She rolls him off, who knew she'd trip
She was never able to catch a grip.
Both hit the bottom, landing on rocks
Slowly she dies as the clock tick tocks.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 568 times
Written on 2007-02-26 at 22:39

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Men aren;t allways liek that... :(