everyone has love waiting for them its all in how far your will to go for it no matter how many times your heart has been crushed. becuase in the end that road of heart ache is the love that never dies and its just for you no one else and it will stay wit

that love that never fades

Every night you lay in bed the

shadow of his love still there,

the softness of his touch still

reall,the way the pillow looks

like he just left even though

it's been sevral months. Love

is truly there for you but it

wasn't meant to be with him

and that is why you care so

much that he left you, knowing

that he want come back makes

it hard to sleep at night. you

try to comfort youself holding

that pillow that was for his head

but the smell of the love you

made with him just makes you

want him more.You need not

worry for that man because

true love will find you soon

you release that pillow knowing this

and think with a smile that one day

you will find your love and the memory

of that man will fade and be replaced

by the one who will love you true.

one day as you walk that path an angel

hear's you're prayer and along comes the

man for you and the bell's of love can be

heard in the distance as once again love

has won again. so in closing, as i close

this book on another happy ending just

know if you think love is gone.....its not

its just waitng for you at the end of that

long road ahead.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 953 times
Written on 2005-10-31 at 18:26

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I really hope you're right...
Thanx for these rays of hope you created with your words!

John Ashleigh
Many mistakes, and the structure doesn't fit the poem, I think.

If you worked a little harder, and realised a better structure and went over with a little more time, then I'm sure it'd be brilliant - It WAS a great poem, don't get me wrong, but you have done better!

Keep it up mate, I know you can do better. :)