Just a little tribute to the show ;)

Freddy Vs. Jason

Her blood curdling screams pierced through the night
As the razor sharp fingers came into sight.
She suddenly wakes with beads of sweat on her face
She looks at her shredded gown made of lace.
He once again invaded her dreams
She knows every thing's not what it seems.
She's tried so hard to stay awake
So tonight she'll visit Crystal Lake.
Almost there her car starts to go dead
So she makes her way through the woods instead.
Jason Voorhees stands between her and a road
She feels the blood in her veins run cold.
She turns around to see Freddy's claw
Up in the air and ready to fall.
She ducks and screams...she's not hurt...
Freddy had went after Jason first.
Jason just whacked Freddy upside the head
Then he went flying and lands on a shed.
Jason goes up to her and lifts up his machete
But Freddy won't let him swing and hit Betty.
Betty decides that while they fight
She will disappear from their sight.
She backs up and runs off out to the camp
She runs in a cabin and turns on a lamp.
She frantically looks for something she can use
To fight the lunatics but what should she choose.
She's found a knife, a rope, some oil...
Also a lighter, an axe and some foil.
She takes the oil and the lighter
Though she's never been a fighter.
She opens a closet and sees something shine
It's some sort of alter, some kind of shrine.
The head of a lady, her shirt, and some hay
The head starts to speak it says "You will pay."
Betty freaks out and starts to scream
Then she realizes she had a dream in a dream...

Poetry by Kristina
Read 514 times
Written on 2007-02-27 at 21:09

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