I came up with the whole poem just from the title :)

Lost in the Crypts

Lost in the crypts
I'll wonder for ages
I feel like the animals
Trapped in their cages.

The crypts are dark
Only torches line the wall
So many traps within this tomb
Spikes, darts, and places to fall.

Everything in this place
Looks so much the same
I feel like I'm walking in place
And this crypt is so lame.

If I do not find a way out soon
I may be trapped inside this tomb
Eternity is too long to be here
This will not be my place of doom.

But so many interlocking chambers
Connecting to one another
Make this place to hard to navigate
An eight way cutoff! oh brother.

Which way should I go?
There are eight ways to choose
Where do they go?
I don't want to lose.

I run down one path
Here comes a boulder!
I run down another
And get a dart in the shoulder.

I go down one of the other ways
And step on a pressure pad
Out comes a Cerberus
And damn it looks mad.

I back down another path
Slowly toward a door
But I step on a grate
And fall through the floor.

As I sit up I light a match
Snakes are gathered around
Hundreds maybe thousands
All over the ground.

What's more my leg's numb
Or maybe broken
I hear someone else
A word soon spoken.

"Back!" said the voice
As fire came my way
It was from a torch
The snakes go away.

He puts out his hand
To help me to my feet
"My name's Andy"
He starts to greet.

"I am Celesta
I cannot touch you
Death will come
To you if I do."

"Celesta I have heard of you
How did you get here?"
"Zeus banished me to these crypts
To show me true fear."

"I know he did."
Said Andy transforming
Now he is Zeus
And around us bats start swarming.

Suddenly I am no longer
Lost in the crypts
I am back in my true life
Planning new trips.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 491 times
Written on 2007-02-27 at 21:12

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