Inspired by the song Concrete Angel

Parental Beatings

She goes to school everyday
They all think she is normal
But her clothes cover the bruises
And everyday she must return...

Return to the place
Where her screams are not heard
Where no one can help her
Only one person can save her...

That one person is the Lord
She knows it will happen
Someday it must, how long could she deal
Deal with the pain inflicted each night...

Each day when she gets home
Her mom goes berserk thinking
Thinking she is with the wrong way
But she is only seven...

Seven years her life has been hell
Seven years today that is
Seven Years are all that she sees
For her mother beat her tonight too severely~

No one noticed
No one cared
This sweet little angel
Only had God...

Poetry by Kristina
Read 562 times
Written on 2007-03-01 at 13:05

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